Frequently Asked Questions

How do I learn more about Tachymetaphores ELTA products and services?

By navigating you will find all the information you need concerning Tachymetaphores ELTA products and services. It’s simple as that.

How can I post a shipment?

Simply drop by your local Tachymetaphores ELTA service point or call us at + 30 801 11 83000 (local charge if calling form a landline) or + 30 210 6073005 (if calling from a mobile phone) to have one of our messengers pick it up for you.

How can I contact my local Tachymetaphores ELTA service point?

Find all contact information of Tachymetaphores ELTA service points here

How can I track the exact location of my shipment?

Click here to track the exact location of your shipment

What details do I need to locate my DOOR to DOOR shipment?

All you need to know is the tracking number located at the top right of your voucher which you enter here