Envelope DOOR to DOOR Prepaid

In order to have a courier literally in your drawer.

For you that time plays a significant role, a new service is coming to offer a serious solution. We talk about the Prepaid Envelope of Door to Door service.

You just buy one or more envelopes from ELTA Courier service points or even local Post Offices, you place inside the content you wish to be transferred (up to 3kg) and you deposit the envelope in any ELTA Courier service point or Post Office.

The Prepaid envelope provides the advantage of future use with stable, low and known in advance cost.
For our envelope “DOOR to DOOR Prepaid” do not apply:

the services:

  • Same day delivery
  • Charge of recipient

the surcharges(increments):

  • Predetermined delivery time
  • Delivery service on Saturday or Sunday
  • Delivery service on Saturday or Sunday
  • Cash on delivery
  • Retransmission